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On Social Media

Hey - paring down my social media, for a few reasons. Namely, the meat of it is that I'lm shutting down my Mastodon server and not going to keep up on Instagram any more.
Why? Well, Mastodon is an easier answer. The server costs money to keep up in the cloud. Mastodon as a platform is great, but I get next to no interaction there and that's barely increased in the past several months - enough so it's not worth paying for the cloud instance.
Instagram is along these lines as well, after several years, basically the same 5 people like my posts. Those five people are consistent rocks and super awesome, but I'd rather not feed into another billionaire's pocket - and, more importantly, I am hoping to continue to interact with those five people elsewhere. Hoping Twitter dies soon enough too for similar reasons.

And don't worry - still on Bluesky and DeviantArt. For now, those are not going anywhere! I am also hoping this will all be much easier for me to keep up on going forward. Time is precious and energy even more so.