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Interested in contacting me? Email is the most reliable method.

A note regarding all requests:

Please be aware I get a lot of spam; and that I may ask some simple questions before addressing your response directly. Please be prepared to answer them - they are nothing tough or otherwise intrusive. Thank you!

A note regarding commissions:

Please note that while you're welcome to submit a request for commission, and I'd love to hear from you, most general commissions of a personal nature will not be able to be honored due to the nature of my personal and work schedules - as such these may not be answered. Please don't take this as reflection of your request or personally in any way.

However, note that any request for fetish, nsfw, gore, or hate-inspired art will be ignored at best. You definitely should take this personally and/or as a reflection of your request.

Other professional inquiries will be reviewed, please allow a sufficient time for a response.